Lee's Sandwiches opened another store in Nevada
Sunday, February 19, 2012 3:21:00 PM

'Brand has become familiar to many people'

Triet Tran & Dong Ban/Nguoi Viet

HENDERSON, Nevada (NV) - Lee’s Sandwiches’ second location in Nevada has just opened in the city of Henderson, neighboring the entertainment capital of Las Vegas, on Sunday morning, February 19.

Pictured here: City officials from Henderson, Nevada; company representatives from Lee's Sandwiches and Vietnamese-American singers and entertainers inaugurated a second Lee’s Sandwiches in Nevada. (Image: Triet Tran / Nguoi Viet)

Many elected representatives of Henderson and a throng of Vietnamese-American singers and entertainers from California attended the opening ceremony. 

"This is the second store we opened in Nevada, and our fourth store altogether," franchisee Duc Nguyen said to Nguoi Viet. 

Lee's Sandwiches’ Henderson shop spans 2,400 square feet "to serve the residents of the city, which includes ethnic groups such as the Vietnamese, Mexican, and Filipino." 

Nguyen’s first Nevada store was opened in Las Vegas, on Spring Mountain Road, which is in the heart of Chinatown. According to Nguyen, it was aimed toward tourists, is open 24/7 and has been "very successful.”

From the early morning hours on Sunday, February 19, hundreds of people lined up to buy sandwiches and coffee and attended the Lee's Sandwiches grand opening in Henderson. 

Among these patrons was Chang Nguyen’s family, residents of California. They came to Las Vegas to visit relatives.  Nguyen said to Nguoi Viet, “I used to eat Lee's Sandwiches’ sandwiches from their first store that opened on Bolsa Ave. [in Westminster, California]. I like their customer service. Their staff is trained very well. Although the store is crowded, customers do not have to wait long."

Meanwhile, Lee Tran, a Las Vegas resident, commented that Lee's Sandwiches’ sandwiches "are of good quality and are affordable" and the restaurant is "spacious and clean." 

Tran said, "I like the pork roll sandwiches and Vietnamese latte here." 

Speaker of the Nevada Assembly John Oceguera was present very early during the opening. "I’m very happy to see more businesses opening in the state of Nevada,” he said.

The scene inside Lee's Sandwiches in Henderson early on grand opening day, February 19. (Image: Triet Tran / Nguoi Viet)

He expressed, "The economy is still difficult, so creating more jobs is a great thing. Our state always creates favorable conditions to support new businesses. " 

This was reaffirmed by corporate attorney Hung Tran. He told Nguoi Viet that the operating permit for Lee's Sandwiches was obtained quite easily. One of the reasons was because “Lee's Sandwiches’ brand is easily recognizable within this city." 

A popular musician in the Vietnamese-American community agreed. Singer Nhu Quynh said that Lee's Sandwiches is a brand that is not only known in the Vietnamese community, but also in other ethnic communities as well. She suggested that Vietnamese people should support Lee's Sandwiches in Las Vegas and Henderson when visiting Las Vegas.

Chieu Le, chief executive officer of Lee's Sandwiches, thanked customers who have been supporting his company for years. 

Lee's Sandwiches currently has 45 stores in five states: California, Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas and Arizona. 

The decision to open more branches in Las Vegas was the result of a plan that was carefully implemented. According to franchisee Nguyen, the market research data showed that the majority of residents in Henderson are middle-class, with average incomes between $45,000-$80,000 per year. 

"This is our fourth store, and our family is working to open a fifth one in Nevada,” Nguyen revealed. 

Vietnamese iced lattes and sandwiches appear to be the two "specialties" of Lee's Sandwiches. Many customers present during the grand opening day said that they like the sandwiches and Vietnamese iced latte.

Recently returning to the United States after a long flight from Seoul, singer Don Ho attended the Henderson grand opening.  He said that his American friends like Lee's Sandwiches more than Subway. "They like it because it’s good and the prices are affordable,” Ho said.

There are some "addicts" present at the store, but not many people as devoted as Melissa Tran. She said, "Yesterday I worked for 12 hours and then drove to the store immediately after work. My house is a 35-minute driving distance from here, but I believe I will be a customer of this store five days a week.”  Chen used to be resident of San Jose, but now lives in Las Vegas.

Among the first customers on the grand opening day were Edward Lobrada, his wife Cathy and 3 sons (ages 3, 11, 13). "We are very glad that you have this Lee’s Sandwiches store near our house." (Image: Triet Tran/Nguoi Viet)

Edward Lobrada, his wife Cathy, and three sons (ages 3, 11 and 13) were among the first customers on the grand opening day. While his wife "loves” the sandwiches, Edward prefers the Vietnamese iced lattes. They said excitedly, "We are very glad that you have this Lee’s Sandwiches store near our house.”

Among the attendees at the grand opening ceremony, there was one very special guest - "Thi Cát Cậu Út,"- a very famous face in the feng shui world. Cậu Út said that both Lee's Sandwiches stores in Nevada have very good feng shui.  The Henderson store particularly possesses good directions and the five basic elements. “All will be working in harmony as a friendly team” Cậu Út concluded. 

Lee's Sandwiches’ Henderson store is located in a spacious commercial area with well-known U.S. stores. The store currently has 20 employees and will extend its opening hours after a trial period. 

The continued presence of this store in Nevada reaffirmed what Nguyen and many customers commented: "Lee's Sandwiches is no longer the private brand of the Vietnamese community; it is now well recognized among many ethnic groups in the United States.”

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